Tree planting ceremony in collaboration with IFUA and FŐKERT

As the old Chinese wisdom says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” With this outlook in mind, we went all the way green by participating in a tree-planting ceremony at the end of October 2021. The event – organized by the expert staff of FŐKERT […]

We are hiring – open positions at PalletBiz

The PalletBiz Network has been experiencing very high growth rates, whereas PalletBiz Franchising has recently acquired some subsidiaries in the same industry. As we anticipate even further expansions in the coming years, we have further plans for operational development in our corporate/global entity that is responsible for the overall coordination and governance of the Franchise […]

Join the PalletBiz network!

With an expanding footprint of operations and customer base, PalletBiz is looking for partners to join the network and be part of the development in the Central Europe North region, in particular, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. We, at PalletBiz, believe that our strengths stem from the partnerships we undertake with local experts, being clients […]

Pallet as a service through consultancy

“Pallet as a service” concept is gaining popularity with the increasing shipping requirements and complexity of supply chain solutions. PalletBiz focuses on Consulting services in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for optimized pallets and handling materials for international organizations. The standard procurement of pallets falls short, especially in the current challenging supply and demand […]

PalletBiz wins the prize at IFUA green controlling award

We are delighted to announce that PalletBiz was awarded the prize for its outstanding strategic solution with our application to the IFUA Green Controlling Award! The study delineates the overall perspective of PalletBiz on (corporate) sustainability, while highlighting the importance of a strategic approach towards the concept. What is the IFUA Green Controlling Award The […]

The current wood raw material situation

By the last quarter of 2020, timber demand was becoming excessive and record levels continued through Q1, 2021. Timber suppliers are doing all they can to service customers, but the level of global demand is higher than can be fulfilled by existing production facilities and available input supplies across Europe. This applies to both timber […]

PalletBiz welcomes new franchisee in Hungary

We are thrilled to announce PalletBiz’ newly established Franchisee in Hungary, Europe. After recent discussions between the parties, Sebestyén Wood Kft. has decided to join the PalletBiz Franchise network. The agreement entails local production in Nyárád, Hungary, as a continuation of the already established business model of Sebestyén Wood Kft. PalletBiz sees a great fit in Sebestyén Wood Kft, having a similar family business history and values, and growing in the Wooden Handling Materials industry for nearly […]

Presenting the PalletBiz corporate sustainability strategy

Considering that PalletBiz operates in an industry that is heavily dependent on the abundance of quality raw materials (particularly wood), as well as on other resources such as energy, fossil resources, and water, we recognize that we must strategically deal with our impact on the environment and the respective social constructs. Being of Scandinavian origins, […]

COVID-19 Update

Notification to suppliers & clients and other 3rd parties Following the worldwide pandemic situation related to COVID-19 we in PalletBiz have closely been monitoring its impact and effect on the global industry. We understand the importance of keeping the industry working throughout the entirety of the pandemic to ensure that this will not become a […]

Optimizing warehouse with pallet collar accessories

Your pallets and handling materials are the backbone of your warehouse, supporting the successful storage and delivery of goods, assisting your logistical operations and improving productivity, making them an invaluable part of your business. But the capabilities and sustainability of your pallets can be further enhanced with additional pallet collar accessories, designed to support, protect […]